Prayer Reconciliation Unity Peace

Intentions - Prayer Reconciliation Unity Peace

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1) For Peace in Jerusalem, for Peace in the Holy Land

This intention originates out of the consciousness that to Jerusalem and the Holy Land is entrusted the unique vocation of being the place wherein is to be realised God’s promises for the entire human family. According to the spirit of the Scriptures, Jerusalem has the vocation of spreading, throughout the world, the Peace which is presently still lacking within its own boundaries and within the Holy Land. In this prayer, the Church is aware that there is no Peace without Justice, and that there is no Justice without Forgiveness.

2) For the Mother Church of Jerusalem, that she might fully respond to her vocation of inspiring and promoting Unity among Christians and of inspiring and promoting inter-religious dialogue

This intention is born of the memory of Pentecost, which originated in the Holy City, and of the vocation of the Mother Church of Jerusalem, founded through the Effusion of the Holy Spirit, to inspire and promote Unity among Christians according to the Will of Christ, spring of all Promises and of all Good. The Mother Church of all Churches asks of them an assiduous and intense prayer so that Unity in the Spirit might be achieved again in her, and so that she might fully respond to her vocation of inspiring and promoting Unity and Peace in the entire Church and of inspiring and promoting dialogue with other religions. The dialogue with the two other monotheistic religions present in Jerusalem is particularly important.

3) For the unification of the date of Easter among Christians, in view of Unity in Spirit

The capital sin of the division of the Church, the Mystical Body of Christ, which is thrown to shreds by the hands of men, puts a strain on all mankind. All Christians must confess this sin and be reconciled with God, by achieving, with the predominant help of grace, the Unity of the Church, which would be a spring of Goodness and Peace for all nations. The non-unified celebration of Easter among Christians is certainly causing inexpressible sufferings to Christ, whose crucifixion is presently being commemorated at different times each year by the various Christian communities. Unity will first be achieved by the unified celebration of the great feast of Easter, with confidence that Christ will assume this first step and bring His Church to full Unity in Spirit.